A  Dream Party

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Here are some frequently asked questions:

How do I book a party?

Parties are booked by a first come, first served basis. We suggest that you book your party at LEAST a month in advance, but we can usually accommodate for the last minute parties.

We ask that you first call to confirm the date is available.

A deposit is required to secure your date and time.

Deposits accepted:  visa/ mastercard through the square register, a personal mailed in check (expected in a week), or cash drop offs are also an option for those that are local.

The remaining balance will be due at the party, collected by your entertainer.

What happens if I have to cancel my party?

If you already paid your deposit, to hold that date and time, we will gladly work with you to find an alternate party date. Deposits will never be refunded.

What happens is my princess does not show up?

Our entertainers are extremely reliable and punctual. We have only been late to one party in 7 years, which was due to a fire that blocked all roads from Lake Nacimiento, but the princess informed the host and still came, although an hour late, the kids all had an amazing time. However, if for any reason this happens again, the parent will get their full refund, including a free princess visit.

What areas do you service?

We serve throughout SLO COUNTY, and have even traveled to Solvang and Greenfield.

The main Castle is located in Paso Robles, so we do charge a travel fee of $1/mile from the start location after 5 miles, and there is no return fee.

What time should I schedule the performer to arrive at the party?

We recommend that the Entertainer arrives 30 minutes after your party start time, in order to ensure that all the kids invited have arrived for the Princess or character's grand entrance and introduction.

Do you have to tip the performer? Are tips accepted?

Gratuity is not forced, but it is greatly appreciated, if you believe the performer has met all your expectations.

Can I request a certain entertainer for my party?

Yes! We love to hear that you enjoyed a previous entertainer and would like to request the same entertainer! Our entertainer loves to get these requests! However, if the entertainer is already booked, although we will try to rearrange the schedule, it cannot always be promised.

Working Conditions

Our Entertainers and artists are unable to work outside when temperatures are below 54 degrees (including wind chill).

If you party is outside, with low temperatures, the host is responsible for proving a heat source (electric or propane heater).

Otherwise, for an additional charge, the entertainer can provide one.

Our Photographer cannot take photos in the rain, for it may damage her camera.

Please ensure that entertainers have adequate lighting. If your party is outside in the evening, please make sure that you have brought a light source.

Client is responsible for providing alternate shelter if there is rain, otherwise the entertainer won't be able to stay.

If work conditions are not met, client is still responsible to pay the remaining balance, without a refund.